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Champion Boxing Club

The Champion Boxing club was opened in 1984 and has trained 17 professional boxers and 14 National Champions and produced many Olympians, Canadian and North American champions including Mark LeDuc, Richard Souce, Dewith Fraser, Ian Thompson, Luis Valdivia, Mike Post, Donnell Wingfield, Rico Tan Daniel, Jorge Puebla, Kareem Hackett, Mohammad Abadeen,  Zishan Khan and international star Russell Peters.

Our certified instrutors are not only skilled at boxing but also run fitness and weight loss programs using classic boxing techniques.

Champion Boxing is known for high performance boxing and has managed over 17 professional fighters. Our Pro Boxing trainers utilize old school expertise such as cornering, slipping,footwork, jabbing, power punching, head movement etc., and our pro cut man is schooled in 1940's techniques, taking fighters to the top of their profession.

We offer many different programs to suit your needs. Whether you are training to lose weight, to join the police or fire department, or to be the next amateur of professional champion, we have the right program to cater to your needs.

Champion Boxing Club serves Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Caledon, Vaughn, Halton, Malton and Georgetown Ontario Canada.



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