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Loose Weight Boxing and get Fit

women boxing fitnessIs boxing a good workout, you might ask. Well boxing is in fact one of the best cardio exercise around. Most people tend to become intimidated with the sport because they think it’s only for professionals.

Well its not, and anyone looking to shed some pounds should consider boxing for weight loss.

What makes the sport great even for casual goers are the boxing drills which are essentially intense interval cardio weight loss exercises. A week to a couple of months of hitting the mitts and punching the bag will give you visible weight loss results. It takes some time and a lot of handwork but that’s the tried and tested way to health and fitness success.

So if you are looking for a great cardio workout, then why not try boxing for weight loss and you might even gain some muscle in the process.

Boxing to stay fit is a great way to exercise and it can be really fun too. A two hour session will usually leave you soaked from sweat. That’s how physically challenging a boxing session is. But once you really get into it, you’ll appreciate the intensity and will start loving the physical challenges that it can offer. In my opinion, normal running or jogging doesn’t even compare to the cardio workout you get from boxing so if you’re looking for a little more intensity then you’ve found it.

It initially might seem very difficult to do but boxing can be extremely fun if you have the correct mind set. Most people treat their gyms sessions as “tasks” or “work” and that just pulls their enthusiasm down. It is a lot better to think of a workout session as a break from work or “me time”. This way you start looking forward to it.