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Metthara Tony Sayasa

Metthara Tony SayasaAs I reminisce on the very first time walking through the doors of Champion Boxing Club. A 22-year-old out of high school who had just went through a break up with his high school sweetheart and hungover from last night’s binge on alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana joints.

Really, I had no idea what my intentions were, but all I knew was, I wanted CHANGE. Tired of all the late-night out at the bars, the clubs and the drama that went along with it—the wasted time, sitting around with the fellas drinking, smoking and waking up feeling like I had no future.

Admittedly, those who were related to me did say I wouldn’t live up to anything, and the prophecy was coming a reality. “Forget about school; you’re not smart enough.” “Forget about losing weight; you’re just meant to be fat.” “Find a good factory job because that’s all your good for.” Though no one believed in me, deep down I knew I was better than this.

So, as I continued to walk through that short hallway with all the posters of past fighters, I could hear the music blaring through the speakers, the grunting, the sweat and heat circulating through the air. I was approached by the club owner John Melich. A rough and tough, no B.S. type of guy. He was intimidating, but I grew up in some pretty rough neighbourhoods so it wasn’t nothing new to me. I said to myself, I’m pretty tough I can handle this. Well the very first time I sparred was a humbling experience to say the least.

Champion Boxing Club, what can I say? It gave me confidence and belief in myself. The dream of throwing that perfect left hook and raising my hands in the air and the crowd screaming my name didn’t become a reality but instead life took another route.

Though I never made a name for myself in the sport, what It taught me was self-discipline, hard work and dedication. Which eventually transitioned to other areas in life, such as my education and upgrading skills. Kept me focus and kept me out of trouble.

To John Melich who always kept his door open to me, thanks for keeping me sober, out of trouble and believing in me when others wouldn’t.

Your boy is a College graduate now!