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Oregano Oil Benefits

Consult a physician or health professional. Oregano oil supplements are not recommended for everyone. Before beginning a regimen of oregano oil to treat internal symptoms, consult a health professional to make sure you do not have any contraindications (such as pregnancy or anemia) for use of the oil.

A health professional should also be able to suggest a recommended dose for attempts to use oregano oil as a natural treatment for whatever condition you are trying to address.

Some oregano oil doses need to be combined with iron pills or other oils or liquids to dilute the concentration or correct for certain effects straight or consistent use of oregano oil can cause.

Select an emulsified oil. For the duration of your treatment, 600 mg of emulsified oil in capsule form per day should be the maximum dose necessary (for short-term treatment) to relieve intestinal symptoms and reduce inflammation.

Smaller doses of 100 to 150 mg per day in capsule form should be sufficient for less serious symptoms or problems, such as yeast imbalances, general inflammation, sinus problems, and upset stomachs.Take the oil daily until the symptoms resolve. Oregano oil needs to be taken consistently to build up the effect and reduce symptoms. Do not skip doses to give yourself the best chance at benefiting from the healing properties of oregano oil. Doses can be spread throughout the day.

Drink the oil mixed with juice, water, or milk. Because oregano oil can be very intense and even dangerous in its undiluted form, take capsule supplements or mix undiluted drops with a small glass of juice, water, or milk before consuming.

Oregano oil (3-6 drops) mixed with juice can reportedly aid a sore throat, cold, or sinus condition.

When purchasing a supplement, look for a concentration of carvacrol of 70% or greater.