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Teen Street Awareness & Drug Prevention Program


Boxing is a combination of both endurance, strength, core, aerobic, and anaerobic exercise. Regular boxing as part of a normal fitness routine will include weight loss and muscle gain. Addiction and alcoholism can create muscular atrophy and malnutrition, which leaves the body weak. Boxing builds muscle, can help the body lose unhealthy weight, and strengthens the heart through cardio exercise. In addition, the body gains power in the legs, core, arms, shoulders, and back. More importantly, boxing is a discipline. Coaches for boxing encourage a meditative focus for their boxers which increases mindfulness and clarity. As a workout for mind and body, the benefits of boxing are endless.

Some other benefits of boxing include:

  • Builds self-esteem
  • Builds confidence in ability to defend
  • Increases mental focus and clarity cerebrally
  • Relieves tension, stress, and anxiety
  • Creates and expels energy
  • Enhances response time, speed, and agility
  • Has spiritual focus
  • Demands discipline

Positive self-esteem, a supportive family, and positive role models help teens gain confidence to make good choices.

If you live in a high-risk neighborhood or your teen is at high risk for an abuse problem, the boxing community program can help your teen learn skills to avoid substance abuse.

By age 9, your child will have opinions about substance use. So start early to help your child learn the skills needed to avoid substance use.

Champion Boxing Club offers Boxing programs to help keep your teen off the streets, build self confidence and increase their self esteem.

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