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The Health Benefits of Horseradish

Cultivated since antiquity, horseradish was used medicinally in ancient Egypt and throughout the Middle Ages. Harvested mostly for its roots, this perennial is actually a tall flowering plant that grows up to five feet high. A member of the group of highly touted cruciferous vegetables, horseradish has many medicinal properties.

Here are 6 health benefits of horseradish:

Cancer Prevention

Consumption of cruciferous vegetables like horseradish is associated with preventing many types of cancer, notably lung and colorectal cancers. Horseradish contains compounds called glucosinolates, which help the liver detoxify carcinogens and, according to a study at the University of Illinois, may also help suppress the growth of tumors. Horseradish has a particularly high level of glucosinolates compared to other cruciferous vegetables.

High In Vitamin C

Horseradish contains a good amount of the powerful antioxidant, vitamin C. Vitamin c helps reduce the effects of free radical damage in the body, a known cause of cancer. It also boosts the immune system and supports the body’s fight against flu, the common cold and other bacterial and viral infections.

Antibiotic & Antibacterial

Horseradish has proven effective against infection, bacteria and fungi. It is particularly useful in destroying bacteria that causes bronchitis and urinary tract infections. These same properties may also help the body maintain a healthy bladder by preventing toxin accumulation and helping to flush out inflammatory agents.

Sinus Relief

Juice taken from the horseradish root has been known to help clear the sinuses and ease sinus discomfort. It may be an effective treatment for sinusitis. However, this theory remains unproven.

Pain Relief

Used topically, horseradish is known to soothe muscle pain and joint discomfort. It has also been proven effective against headaches. It helps stimulate blood flow to the skin’s surface and to inflamed areas.

Digestive Health

Horseradish is considered a potent gastric stimulant. This means it is known to help stimulate the appetite and aid in digestion by helping the intestines secrete digestive enzymes.