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Boxing Brampton

Weight Management & Strength Training

Hours: Mon., Tue., Wed., Thurs., 5pm – 8pm Sat.,10am – 12:00 noon John Melich is accepting student boxers experienced and non-experienced for Private One-on-One Lessons and has over 38 years training National Champions & Professional Boxers and has won 9 National Championships. Weight Management & Strength Training will build up your strength for maximum punching power and stamina. Loose weight and keep it off eating five times daily. Don’t starve! Eat for your health. Call John today. Live healthy. Live longer. Be fit. Be happy. Whether you are a 1st timer or a professional boxer, John will bring out the best in you. – See more at: https://www.championboxingclub.com/weight-management-strength-training/#sthash.Ca2XfjcY.dpuf